1. "I fell in your arms tonite
    I fell hard in your arms tonite
    It was nice

    I died in your arms tonight
    I slipped through into the after life
    It was nice…” (x)

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  2. deandenney:

    Labyrinth door knockers on a pair of pals.


  3. wholetjackdrive:

    The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls; The left ear comes in a few seconds before the right ear, causing a layered effect.

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  4. demonavas:

              " Put away your pervert goggles
                and l-let’s go!

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    well? can he????

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  7. troyesivan:

    hiiiiii everyone! 

    SO the time has come to release my first ever single, Happy Little Pill. I have spent the large majority of the last few years of my life on this website, hanging with you guys, that it only felt right to premiere it a day or two early on here haha

    I wrote this song during a bit of a rough time for someone super close to me, and for myself, and it still means as much to me as the day i wrote it, and i’m still as in love with it as the day i wrote it (which is rare for me!!). I couldn’t be prouder to be giving it to you guys today :’) Thanks for sticking around for so long, for supporting me and other online talent, and for now listening! I have the best and craziest and most committed audience in the world, and I love you all endlessly.

    Happy Little Pill is available RIGHT NOW ON ITUNES, along with the preorder for TRXYE.

    TRXYE is out August 15. 

    Click here to keep updated!


    Troye x

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